by Blackest

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released November 26, 2013

Blackest is Mike Beaujean, James Dowell, Wilson Flores, Chris Marotta, John Sokorai, Andrew Kassl

Recorded & mixed by Wilson Flores at Studio! in Brentwood, New York
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music | @blackestmusic | @blackestmusic



all rights reserved


Blackest New York


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Track Name: Scumsuckers
Vile lifeforms with a cosmic urge to feast on the flesh of our cesspool
Planet to planet called by the ring of an intergalactic dinner bell

White light

Fat cats, gutter dogs, the handsome and the weak
All of us, we're just meat, ready for the slaughter
It's a god damn intergalactic drive through...and we're the happy meal
Don't you worry - the women and children are the plastic toys

Signs above the northern lights
The white owls glare
The second floor covered in guts
Lepers, whores and snakes
We did it to ourselves
A culture of shit in need of a flush
We are the scum

Fuck it
Track Name: Memphis
A blood hot Memphis night in south Hickory Hill
Ruby's swimming in his bitches brew while reaching for the toilet seat
Red lipstick, black velvet, the White King of Spades
Man I love Vegas

Dim the lights and cue the band
Dim the fucking lights and start the show.
Dim the lights, cue the fucking band

Burning up baby, burning up
Shut her down but he'll find a way
Glued together with mud and clay
But they can't see

A pulsating pit of worms
Enough with what's between her legs
Lets focus on the matter at hand
With no regrets I stacked the cards
Track Name: Collection Plate
You know my name!
Father of lies
the abbadon, deceiver, destroyer

Bring the mic and the pass makeup
Rhetoric and the grand illusion
Soothing glow of your Walmart screen
I'm in your home

Your money is the will of god
Put it in the goddamn pot
Little Johnny has quite the eyes
They'd make a perfect necklace

What are you in the dead of night?
Just a corpse in the morning light.
An animal in my petting zoo
and a thorn in my side

Like an axe through a child's skull
Don't worry you're beautiful
Skin hanging from the clothing line
and a box is your grave

You know my name

We are nothing but animals
with borrowed eyes and borrowed time
We are nothing but animals
but soon your flesh will be all mine

Dead men breed filth but not like me
Track Name: Ghost in the Hand
A ghost in the hand, rain on the sill
Stranger at the door, shadow on the hill

Rattle all those blackened bones
With the crucifix made of stone
We were all lost for so long
They sing the same song

Sign on the dotted line
Eyes of ink I swear they're mine
Burn the seams of the old tome
Let the bastards roam

Let me in you son of man
Let me in you beast of burden
Lay down your fears
Lay down your hopes

Bastard and a broken man
The clock ticks for you
Pins and needles and cancer strains
This is what it is

Show me what you are
Show me your eyes

Never be seen and never be heard
Go to sleep in denial
Clocks are ticking but yet you hang on
Metal bones at a funeral
The fabric you've sown will give one day
keep building your palace
Sit back in the great throne
I'll bury my ballast

Bury the ballast

Hit the ground running